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We are experienced and motivated people sharing with our customers our competences, skills and ideas. Our purpose is to offer efficient and responsible services to our customers as if we were part of their organization, respecting their principles and values. We promote research and development as the vehicle to maintain a sustainable enterprise. We believe in fairness, integrity, respect for our customers, people and the environment. We record several years of experience in research and development of safety and risk management innovative methods with the aim of providing up to date services to SMEs, large companies and public bodies.

Statement from Claudia Vivalda

I am a nuclear engineer with a doctorate in Energy systems and during my long professional cursus I have acquired a good experience in the development and management of innovative and challenging technological projects and matured a deep understanding of the risks they are subject to or generate but also the opportunities they offer. I can recall a number of them such as nuclear power plants safety enhancement, new space system design, high speed trains and ships elaboration of safety and reliability standards, floating production units design and regulation, challenging offshore oil and gas solutions, such as deepwater and subsea installations, CO2 sequestration and geological storage performance assessment, development of fighting means against natural risks such as forest fires and technologies for the energy transition.
Parallel to project development I participate in International Committees and in Standards and Regulations working groups to keep me up to date about the most recent developments and I am also a researcher myself. My expertise ranges from direct semi-quantitative and quantitative risk calculation, expert judgment elicitation techniques, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability analyses by static as well as dynamic approaches such as Fault Tree and Event tree analysis, Markov Chains, Petri Nets, Reliability Centered Maintenance, uncertainty and sensitivity analyses, Monte Carlo simulation, Environmental Impact Assessment, impact assessment on population, flora and fauna, and assets. I am skilled in the customisation or development of new methods and methodologies based on existing techniques to address specific risk, reliability, decision problems that you may encounter.

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