We are a service company specialized in safety and risk management.

We facilitate industry and public institutions in their daily assignments by providing effective and innovative services in the fields of energy and transport. Our core values are fairness, integrity and respect for people and the environment.

Our way

We believe that specialized and focused innovative services can help industry and public bodies to perform better and timely. We have a consolidated expertise in the fields of energy, transport and manufacturing.
We offer effective and innovative services on:

Scientific and technical research and development and innovation

Financial and technical project management

Global risk management and business continuity

We apply state of the art methods and innovative proved techniques to satisfy our clients’ specific needs. Our personnel skill and competences are maintained through a continuous education program to guarantee the quality of the service.

Who we are

We are experienced and motivated people sharing with our customers our competences, skills and ideas. Our purpose is…


Our strategy seeks to reinforce our position as innovative service provider in the energy and transport sectors.


Our target customers are SMEs, large companies and public administrations needing specialised support.


Our business model is based on the exploitation of our R&D achievements in terms of methods, models, procedures and tools, to offer up to date innovative, customised and efficient services.

Cutting-edge solutions

We believe that participating in international R&D and Joint initiatives and being members of leading international platforms, associations and forums, ensure that our R&D initiatives are based on strong science and advanced industrial development results.

Our Services


We support engineering studies through system modelling and computation, RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety) analyses, risk and performance studies, cost engineering, life cycle assessment, decision support and knowledge management.

Programs and projects

We assist private and public organisations in the definition, planning and implementation of research programmes or innovative initiatives.


We accompany innovative start-ups in the realisation of their projects by providing assistance to obtain funds, prototype and start commercialise their products and services.


We provide Education and Training Courses to graduate and post-graduate students from technical universities; technical civil servants from public administrations and specialised personnel form private sector.

Why should you choose us

If you are operating in the Energy and Transport domains and you are a large organization, an SME or a start-up wishing to develop a new concept or introduce some innovations but you are concerned by the risks you may encounter even if you are convinced about the opportunities that their realization can bring, you can count on our support in the definition, planning, evaluation of risk and opportunities, and in the sustainable implementation of your ideas.

We can give you some hints on setting your research strategy after compiling and prioritizing your research and innovation needs, draft technology plans with you and support you in the identification and protection of your intellectual property rights. We can also help creating partnerships between you, industry and academy and identify stakeholders to set up joint projects.

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